All About Myristol

The difference between Myristol and many popular animal joint supplements is the broad spectrum approach Myristol takes to the problem of joint health.

We source the finest quality ingredients we can find to create a unique blend of cetyl myristoleate fatty acid complex; methylsulfonylmethane (MSM); glucosamine HCl; and hydrolyzed collagen. Each of these ingredients has separate scientific evidence of benefit in animal or human studies, but they have been formulated in Myristol to create a broad-spectrum  effect unlike many other animal joint supplements available today.

Myristol comes in a highly palatable, molasses-free alfalfa-based pellet for horses; a soy-based gluten-free chewable tablet for dogs; and an unflavored powder for cats.

While Myristol is an effective way to manage joint health issues in older animals, it should also be considered for the joint support benefits it brings to young, active animal athletes.

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Announcing Myristol Pro!

Myristol PROThis is horsepower like you’ve never seen before! Myristol PRO contains the same joint health ingredients as Myristol, but with increased levels of cetyl myristoleate. Myristol PRO also contains Promutase 200, a clinically studied antioxidant blend to support muscle health and improve recovery after exercise. The resulting synergy between Promutase 200 and the joint health ingredients already in Myristol make Myristol PRO the best choice for your equine athlete.

Myristol PRO contains the same joint health ingredients as Myristol, but cetyl myristoleate levels have been increased from 5000 mg to 6000 mg per serving in Myristol PRO. This makes Myristol PRO the leading joint health supplement regarding levels of cetyl myristoleate.

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